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Unfortunately, for many people building a custom home, they must first find an architect for their plans and then locate a builder to accommodate those plans. This type of scenario is usually beset with disappointment as often the case, architect and builder don’t see eye to eye.

In other situations, those looking to build a “custom home” acquire the plans of a model home and customize it to their wishes. Again, this type of approach, in the long run, can cost more than drafting the original plans in the first place.

Richard Massey Construction is successful at building custom homes because we also work with our clients design service providers on  the homes we build. We help insure your designer will produce a plan we can deliver. Also, when we help you with your design and build your home, the potential for miss-communication or crossed wires is about nil. Our input during this process will not only save thousands of dollars, but you’re saving yourself a lot of heart aches, headaches, and overall disappointment as well.

Most design service providers  use CAD design software to create custom home plans.  This type of software allows them to simulate the look and feel of a new home. The designs can be created in 3-D so you can get a highly realistic representation of what your home will look and feel like.  They can even project how the sunlight will hit your kitchen at 6:00 PM in the summer!  We’ll send the designs to you via email. In Many cases you can look and make edits online – and send your input back to keep the process rolling.

By working with our clients and their designer during the design  phase, we’re able to meet your needs and budget requirements accordingly.

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